+/- 10 V Voltage Reference

Analog Computer Voltageref 3 Analog Computer Voltageref 4

This board creates a +10V and a -10V voltage output with a LM 4040 AIZ 10,0 10V voltage reference.

The 10V are buffered by a non-inverting amplifier with an amplification factor of 1 resulting in a +10V output. This 10V is then amplified by an inverting amplifier with a factor of -1 resulting in a -10V output.

In the second revision I replaced one of the 10k resistors of the non-inverting buffer with a combination of a 8.2k resistor and a 5k trimmer, to allow fine tuning of the output voltage.

Schematic and PCB

Analog Computer Voltageref Schematic Analog Computer Voltageref Board

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Github octocat Project Files

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