Caretaker Dimmer

Attention! This project contains parts that are connected to mains power. Only build a project like this, if you really know what you are doing!

This is a dimmer circuit that allows you to control the brightness level of a light bulb in 256 steps.

It currently doesn't work with dimmable LED light bulbs!

Caretaker Dimmer 1 Caretaker Dimmer 6

Caretaker Dimmer 3 Caretaker Dimmer 5

Board and Schematics

Caretaker Dimmer Board Caretaker Dimmer Schematic

Download the Schematic PDF

Github octocat Project Files

The Caretaker source code is hosted at GitHub:

Subdirectory:  caretaker-device-dimmer

It contains the source code and all Eagle (V6) PCB layout files.

This page was last updated on 13. February 2016