Caretaker Reflow Oven

This is my version of a DIY reflow oven

This is my version of a DIY reflow oven. What's special about this? It is remote controlled. And it is integrated in my Caretaker home automation system. Why is this useful? Well, you can start your reflow soldering automatically, as soon as you get home. Or you can flash your room lighting, when the reflow process has finished.

And, more seriously, it allows you to control the oven from your web browser and get a nice temperature chart:

Caretaker Screenshot Reflow Process Reflow Oven 9

You can see the different stages of the reflow process: pre heat, soak, reflow and cooling.

Reflow Oven 3 Reflow Oven 4

The front of the controller box contains a 16x2 LCD, four buttons and a LED that lights up when the heater is switched on. On the back there's the power input, heater power output, fuse, power switch and the thermoelement connector. Not shown here is the fan connector, which i've added later on.

Reflow Oven 11 Reflow Oven 10

The left picture shows the first version of the reflow oven controller, the right picture shows the additions made to it for supplying a fan output. As always when you hack on your early designs it becomes quite a mess. But it works. But keep in mind that i haven't actually build the latest updated version of the Eagle PCB, so it may contain errors.

Technical details

Board and Schematics

Reflow Oven Board Reflow Oven Schematics

Download the Schematic PDF


Github octocat The 6502 Home Computer source code and hardware design is hosted at GitHub:

Subdirectory:  caretaker-device-reflow-oven

It contains the source code and all Eagle (V6) PCB layout files.

The code can also be compiled without the support for my home automation system. In the circuit you can then leave out the WiFly module and it's voltage regulator.

This page was last updated on 07. February 2016