Retro CBM PC

This project is an attempt to combine modern computer hardware with an ancient computer case. The result is a mini ITX computer installed in a Commodore CBM 8023 case.

Retro CBM PC 1 Retro CBM PC 3
Retro CBM PC 2 Retro CBM PC 5 Retro CBM PC 4


As you can see, this demands to be a platform for playing retro computer games, so an arcade style gamepad was needed.

Usbjoystick 1 Usbjoystick 2

Usbjoystick 3

Usbjoystick 4 Usbjoystick 5

Usbjoystick Schematics Usbjoystick Board

Keyboard Adapter (Parallel <-> PS/2)

The CBM has a matrix keyboard, so a decoder with a PS/2 interface was built.

CBM Keyboard Adapter 1 CBM Keyboard Adapter 2

The Eagle schematic files can be found in the eagle sub-directory of the projects GitHub repository .

The Arduino firmare source code can be found in the projects GitHub repository .

This page was last updated on 16. March 2017