Note: OpenMetix it is no longer actively developed! But you can still download the latest version from the GitHub link below.

OpenMetix is a free software system for data acquisition, processing and analysis. OpenMetix is developed by Iritgo Technologies of which i am one of the founders.

OpenMetix has modern features like various visualization views, many reporting capabilities and runs on different operating and database systems.

OpenMetix is an OpenSource product which you can freely extend and modify to meet your personal data acquisition and visualization needs.


The OpenMetix source code can be found at github:
OpenMetix project site

You can download OpenMetix here:
OpenMetix downloads


With OpenMetix you can manage distributed meteorological stations. OpenMetix acts as a central data logger that stores and visualizes your meteorological data and provides a comfortable and easy to use user interface.

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Computer aided process control

In the industrial area there are a lot of measurement quantities that need to be gathered and presented to the user through a visualization of the process. OpenMetix displays this measurements through a comfortable and easy to use interface in a clearly laid out form. With OpenMetix, periodic changes in the process can easily be monitiored and analysed.

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Measurement technology

OpenMetix makes it easy to measure electrical quantities over long periods. You can analyse the measurement values with analog or digital displays. Among others, OpenMetix provides digital, bar and neelde meters, x-y plots and value lists.

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