Vintage Computing Projects

6502 Home Computer

This is a description of my attempt to build a simple microcomputer system with an 8-bit MOS 6502 CPU or one of its derivatives that was used in many popular home computers of the 1970s and 1980s like the Commodore 64 1) or the Apple II

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All-in-one C64

This is a project that i built some decades ago. It was an (almost) all-in-one C64 PC.

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Table Top Arcade Machine

This is a complete rework of my Retro CBM PC into a table top arcade machine.

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HP 7475A Plotter Interface

A very simple version of an USB to RS232 adapter for connecting my HP 7475A Plotter to my workstation.

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Analog Computer

Inspired by Dr. Vogels Home Brew Analog Computer , this kit consists of various 100x60 cm PCB cards which can be connected together with 2.54 mm jumpers.

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Retro CBM PC

This project is an attempt to combine modern computer hardware with an ancient computer case. The result is a mini ITX computer installed in a Commodore CBM 8023 case.

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