IoT and Smart Home Projects


Convert your IKEA Bekant table into an IoT device by adding an ESP8266 to Robin Reiter's IKEA-Hackant project.

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Caretaker Home Automation

Caretaker is my DIY smart home automation and survaillance project. The aim is to create a totally wireless and scaleable system to control power switches (lamps and other electrical appliances) and measure values like temperatures, brightness and power consumption.

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Sunrise Alarm Clock

A wake-up light, built with Elixir, Nerves, running on a Raspberry Pi Zero. These wake-up lights are produced by a number of manufacturers, but here we are building our own. This project explores how Elixir/Erlang OTP can be used to develop robust and thoroughly tested embedded systems.

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Caretaker Reflow Oven

This is my version of a DIY reflow oven

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Signal Tower

Yet another continuous integration status indicator for agile software development teams

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A small hack to control a 2-port KVM switch via HTTP over WLAN.

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This page was last updated on 20. July 2017